How Big Does My Dance Floor Need Be?

Please use the chart below as a guide to determine how big your floor needs to be.

Total #
of Guests
Total #
of Dancers
Size of
Dance Floor
60 20 10ft x 10ft  
100 30 12ft x 12ft  
150 50 15ft x 15ft  
200 70 18ft x 18ft  
275 90 20ft x 20ft  
400 140 25ft x 25ft  
600 200 30ft x 30ft  
1000 350 40ft x 40ft  
1500 550 50ft x 50ft

What about set up and tear down?

Our prices will include basic set up and tear down of your floor.  Any challenging obstacles to a load in will be an extra charge (stairs, elevators, narrow access areas, parking distance from event area, etc)